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We are a licensed 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to caring for injured and orphaned local wildlife with the goal of returning them to their natural habitat.  Our members are passionate about educating the community and are planning a public wildlife zoo, Spring 2021 ,in order to help bring a new, innovative, and educational nature center to Alpena!



I Found An Animal

Injured or Orphaned Animals:

1. Observe First, Act Second

If an animal looks injured or abandoned, it is important to watch from a distance, especially with baby animals. It is likely the mother is close by and will soon be back for her offspring.

2. Respect Their Space

Give wild animals lots of space! If they feel cornered, or trapped, they can become aggressive or frightened and harm you or themselves.

3. Be Wary

Wild animals (even birds) can carry diseases, or parasites that can harm you or your pets. NEVER handle wildlife without gloves. Call a rehabilitator!

Observe first, act second.

If you find a baby animal that appears uninjured, and are unsure if it needs help, it is best to observe from a distance. It is likely that the baby's mother is close by and they will soon reunite.  Many mothers, such as deer and bunnies are only with their babies for a few minutes a day. If the baby is still there after observing (from a distance) for several hours, or its overall health is worsening, cover it with a cardboard box, or basket, and call a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.

If the animal is bleeding, crying, injured, or in immediate danger, cover them with a box or basket and call a rehabilitator immediately.

NEVER handle any wildlife without gloves. Human scent can make them vulnerable to predation from cats or dogs, or the animal could have parasites. Even baby animals will bite when frightened!

DO NOT try to feed them, or bandage them! Even with good intentions, you could be doing harm.

REMEMBER, it is illegal to keep wildlife if you do not have permits. Call a wildlife rehabilitator!

More information about helping wild babies:

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