Day 17:

“A good day for the foxes. The day started as usual, eating breakfast, getting into their separate crates, and driving to work without incident.  They listened quietly to the ruckus in the store all day.  After work was a surprise for the kits:  a trip to Sunrise Veterinary for their first set of vaccinations and a check up.  In order to be licensed as educational animals and to be in public for display, they must be health tested by a licensed vet.  Dr Jill Fournier has agreed to be that vet and also work with Natures Kingdom to service the nature babies.  Lakyn Hernandez was the attending assistant who kept the wiggly babies somewhat still for the exam.  Exhausted foxes are home now.  Eve is playing with her toy duck and Todd opened the front porch and fell in the bathtub.  Have a good night.”

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