Day 2:

Male foxes are called dogs, tods, or reynards and female foxes are called vixens so for now we are using that for their names until we have our naming contest.  “Todd chirped all night. Similar to a puppy crying for their mom but in a frog-like triple chirp.  He was still very unsure most of the day today. Vixen is being tube fed. She is healthy and hydrated but refuses to suckle on any type of bottle I give her.  She cries out, then bites it angrily, not knowing what I’m trying to do.  So it’s tube feeding again to ensure she keeps hydrated and well nourished.  Supper time went well for Todd; he wolfed down his wet food and walked away with a full belly.  I let them explore the kitchen with the doors closed and supervised .  Todd went around the room peeing and chirping. Not really marking, just urinating after stretching his legs.  Vixen fell asleep in her crate on top of the blankets.  I then scooped Todd up and placed him in the crate and proceeded to put the crate in the larger nursery box.  They both got out and explored.  Todd tried to bury the small piece of tray liner that was visible with his nose using the straw bedding.  He didn’t seem to like the looks of it.  Soon after they both climbed in the carrier den and fell asleep. I put the heating pad underneath the crate.  Goodnight foxes.”

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