Day 6:

“Had a great day.  I know for sure the pups have bonded with me.  Took a nap with Vixen laying on my chest, she snuggled right in and after a few curious moments of exploring the bed, she tucked in and fell asleep.  I took Todd out to do gardening with me.  He stayed in my eyesight and explored.  He actually made friends with Stewart the dog!  They were running back and forth and playing.  Stewart even did some play bowing too. It melted my heart to see the old dog bond with a pup.  Had to separate the foxes though.  Todd is one week older and double the size of Vixen and can be way too rough for her fragile body.  She is on the small side and there is not much meat on her frame yet.  Neither seems to mind being separated.  She is relieved and Todd will play with anyone.”

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