Day 1: Meet the newest additions!!!!

Michelle took a trip down to Ohio to pick up two infant foxes (a male and a female) from a fur/trapping farm.  The purpose of this rescue was to create mascots for the Natures Kingdom Organization.  These mascots will be tamed enough to be licensed for educational purposes enabling us to give live demos to schools, the nature center, or any other public venue.  Our goal is to promote the magic that will be The River Center and baby animal nursery.  We will be doing blog updates so everyone can follow their progress and Michelle plans on writing a biography of her adventures. Day 1:  “Just came home with the babies. There is a lot of care to do with them!  These babies were rescued from a very dirty farm, their parents are wild, and this is the first exposure to life for them other than in a rabbit hutch. The female is 3 weeks old and terrified and the male is 4 weeks and a little braver.  I saved him from being eaten by his mother.  When they are this young they are sensitive to myopathy (common in wildlife) which basically means they get scared to death.” -Michelle.  We want to have a naming contest for each baby soon!  Please stay tuned for updates on these babies!

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