Baby Raccoon Rescue!

This sweet baby girl raccoon was rescued and brought to the rehab center. Her mama was likely hit by a car and she was orphaned. She is bottle fed 5 times a day and when she’s old enough will have tree climbing lessons, riverside field trips, and worm digging sessions and then when she’s ready released back into the wild. Many people may think that helping her (or other wildlife) seems silly because raccoons are viewed as pests or nuisances, but we feel like every baby and animal brought in deserves a chance and shouldn’t have to suffer. Each of these animals are a part of our ecosystem and should be treated with respect. We coexist on this earth with so many other species and could not survive without them. The nursery at the nature center will also help educate our community and kids about local wildlife. Help support us and our local wildlife. Because who couldn’t love this baby’s face?